Acid/Alkaline Principles

The importance of balancing the pH level in the body is critical for an individual to be healthy. A basic understanding will allow you to eat an appropriate diet with foods that support the body rather than stress it out.

The 75 trillion cells that work together within the body are surrounded by about 10 gallons of fluid which makes up 70% of the total mass of the body. With the exception of stomach acid, all of this intracellular fluid, extracellular fluid, blood, lymph, bile, saliva, urine, etc., needs an alkaline environment for cells to live and function normally. When the alkaline range shifts even slightly, the body is forced into a rapid metabolic and respiratory response to make sure the environment stays alkaline in order to keep an absolute equilibrium.

Point blank, the body will fight to maintain the proper pH balance but that’s not to say it won’t cause discomfort. Proteins produce sulfuric and phosphoric acid. Carbohydrates and fats produce acetic acids. And exercise produces lactic acid. When acids can no longer be easily eliminated through the lungs, colon, or kidneys, the body is forced to elimination through the skin, sinuses and other mucous membranes causing colds and other symptoms.

By supplying the body with the proper foods and adequate amounts of alkaline forming organic minerals, you are able to reduce the body’s workload. Minerals, primarily sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron, form buffering salts. Some acids, like lactic acid, can be eliminated through respiration which leaves our alkaline reserves intact, but dietary acids need buffering before elimination which robs the body of these elements and causes further acidifying.

The foods that contain the greatest percentage of these alkaline forming minerals are the foods that help the body neutralize the poisons generated from excess protein, stress, and refined foods and can be used immediately if needed. They can also be stored as part of the alkaline reserve. Gradually adopting a diet close to 80% of alkaline forming foods will help build up this reserve and help one achieve greater balance and health.