As a nutritional therapist who has been on my own health journey for the past 10 years and has lost over 100 pounds and kept it off, I am very passionate about nutrition and feeding the body what it needs to perform at optimal health. Our body’s innate intelligence will tell you what it needs and no two bodies are the same. I offer a variety of services to best assess nutritional deficiencies and how to best support and balance the systems of the body. I truly believe in finding and addressing the root of a problem instead of masking a symptom.

I graduated with honors from Kaplan University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition. My absolute passion and desire to learn more about how the body works at a cellular level and as a whole, led me to the Nutritional Therapy Association where I then became a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

I believe in nourishing the body, mind, and spirit with whole food nutrition, exercise, restful sleep, and laughter in order to heal and transform your health. Riding the body and mind of toxins and providing it with what it needs will restore the spirit in order to cultivate balance and live out every experience in life to the fullest.

I truly believe it is possible to live a life without pain and illness by taking an integrative approach that is proactive instead of reactive.

       My own health journey began in a traumatic time in my life when I needed to focus on a new circumstance besides the current situation I was in and had no control of. Being fully aware of not liking who and what I was, I decided to focus on what I did have control of to bring about change. Over the course of the next couple of years, I lost 100 pounds. When I finally reached what I considered “skinny” and everyone else considered malnourished, I found myself with an eating disorder that fueled my exercise obsession. Because I had stripped all the nutrition from my body and it didn’t have enough fat to function, I became sick and felt horrible. I had lost control of the one thing I thought I had control over. As I began my transformation from “fat” to “skinny,” and now “skinny” to healthy, I began to change from the inside out. Nourishing my mind and body with wholesome nutrition, supplements, and practices, I became healthy inside and out. Because of my own personal beliefs and trials through my own journey, and journey it truly has been, I knew it was all for the reason of sharing it and helping others. I earned a bachelor’s in nutrition and then became a nutritional therapist practitioner, but it’s my own personal experiences and passion that I have to offer. I care on a very personal level about your health journey and want to be a part of your transformation!

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  • Spirituality (God)- The foundation for all that I do. Through serving, loving, and giving, it is my goal to help others achieve a better quality of life.
  • Coaching/Mentoring- Being open and honest in helping people obtain their goals by overcoming obstacles to achieve a lifestyle they desire while learning from them
  • Energy- Always exuding great energy through physical, mental, and spiritual strengths so to lift and inspire others
  • Achievement- Striving to reach bigger goals through constant learning while providing education and resources for others to gain knowledge as well.
  • Intergrity/Authenticity- Genuine, transparent, and honest in life and relationships
  • Purpose/Passion- Allow my passion for health and wellness to fuel my purpose of being used in others life and allowing them to share in mine

Mission Statement  

To bring life & vitality to people and their families by striving for health through mind, body, and spirit.